One Piece English Dubbed Collection Four

One Piece: Collection Four (DVD)

Starring: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Eric Vale, Christopher R. Sabat, Luci Christian
Rating: NR (Not Rated)


This Collection containing episode 79 until 103. No other adventure like One Piece Adventures !
Collection Four Disc BreakDown

Disc 01
79.A raid!-The tin tyrant and tin plate Wapol!
80.An island without doctors?-Adventure in a nameless land!
81.Are you happy?-the doctor called witch!
82.Dalton’s resolve!-Wapol corps land on the island!
83.The island where snow lives!-climb the drum rockies!
84.Blue nosed reindeer!-chopper’s secret!
85.An outcast’s dream!-Hiriluk the quack!

Disc 02
86.Hiriluk’s cherry blossoms and the will that gets carries on!
87.Fight wapol’s crew!-the power of the munch munch fruit!
88.Zoan type devil frui!-chopper’s seven form transformation!
89.When the kingdom’s rule ends!-the flag of faith flies forever!
90.Hiriluk’s cherry blossoms!-Miracle in the drum rockies! (with commentary)
91.Goodbye drum island!-I’m going out to sea!

Disc 03
92.Alabasta’s hero and a ballerina on the ship!
93.Off to the desert kingdom!-The rain summoning powder and the rebel army!
94.The heroes’ reunion!-His name is fire fist ace!
95.Ace and luffy!-Hot emotions and brotherly bonds!
96.Erumalu, the city of green and the kung fu dugongs!
97.Adventure in the country of sand!-The monsters that live in the scorching land!

Disc 04
98.Enter the desert pirates!-The men who live freely!
99.False fortitude!-camu, rebel soldier at heart!
100.Rebel warrior koza!-the dream vowed to vivi!
101.Showdown in a heat haze!-Ace vs. the gallant scorpion!
102.Ruins and lost ways!-vivi, her friends, and the country’s form!
103.Spiders cafe at 8 0′clock!-the enemy leaders gather! (with commentary)

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